Now for something completely different


This may be the last blog post, or a change in direction, but has nothing to do with tax havens. It is time to renew the blog, and pay WordPress for the privilege, as I can’t seem to go back to the free blog site I started with. There are still readers so I feel obliged to keep it alive, even though the situation is not very conducive. In particular, I do have a Gmail address to go with the site but don’t publicise it for obvious reasons (scams). And the fact that the alerts from the blog are put into spam by Gmail; and that there are also alerts from other well known blogs on tax havens and money laundering that I should be getting but don’t receive at all.

But back to the photo. For those that don’t know this is Grace Slick at Woodstock, fifty years ago, in some sort of excelsis. I copied it from a lengthy piece about Woodstock on the London Review of Books website. And if you have not heard of the Jefferson Airplane, and the role of Grace Slick as the co-lead vocalist, you’ve missed something worthy of remembrance. She is heard on the Woodstock recording announcing that they were playing ‘morning maniac music’, having missed their evening slot, and that this was a ‘new dawn’. As good as any place to make a new start with the blog, and simply pursue interesting cultural things, with an ear and eye mostly on the 1970s. Enjoy.


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