New Zealand’s first death from the Pfizer vaccine acknowledged

Rory Nairn of Dunedin died on 17 November of myocarditis caused by the Pfizer vaccine Comirnaty

I am rather reluctant to write again about the Covid situation in New Zealand, especially when it is nowhere near as bad as in the rest of the world. But we have reached something of a milestone, with the health officials finally accepting that Comirnaty ‘probably’ caused the death of Rory Nairn, of Dunedin in the South Island. Most of the news media here have decided to name him, so I have too. But the real issue, of course, is that he is not the first victim of the Pfizer drug and of myocarditis in New Zealand.

So why have the authorities decided to release this information in detail, and why have the news media decided to write stories about it, given that they have slavishly followed the official line that the Covid vaccines are completely safe and effective? The answer to the first point is easy, there was a full autopsy performed on Mr Nairn, and as an otherwise fit 26 year old man there wasn’t any other compelling explanation for his death. But the authorities are still looking for such alternative reasons in the other cases before the Covid 19 Independent Safety Monitoring Board (CVISMB). Strange that we have not heard of the CVISMB before, no one knew it existed; in previous posts I have referred to the Medsafe ‘safety reports’, and they apparently refer reports of deaths to a committee called CARM. Anyway, we now have confirmed, sort of, that there have been 2 deaths which have been attributed to Comirnaty.

It is also ironic that a news organisation called Newshub, which reports for TV and radio, has claimed an exclusive around this story. All of the other media had already reported it before today, including arch rivals TVNZ. Presumably, the exclusive part of the story was in Newshub getting an interview with Mr Nairn’s grieving fiancé, and she was allowed to state that there were no significant warnings about the risk of myocarditis (the TVNZ report a few days ago claimed that there are). She also disputed the categorical assertions by the so-called experts that such reactions to the vaccine are extremely rare and mild. There have been over 200 reports of myocarditis (or pericarditis) in New Zealand, and they would not have been mild cases to be reported. Anyway, Newshub also got an official to ‘front’ about this death, as a representative of CVISMB, a John Tait. Despite acknowledging that Mr Nairn ‘probably’ died from myocarditis he still maintained that the vaccine is safe, as only 2 people had died from taking it. As I have highlighted in updates to a previous post, there are reports of over 100 deaths, over 3 per week.

Now, Dr Tait did emphasise that if you feel unwell after getting injected with the Pfizer drug, having palpitaitons or shortness of breath, you should go to a doctor. When I had the Pfizer injection in August this year it turned out to be timed during Ardern’s last total lockdown, and I couldn’t get help. I had chest pains on the evening of the injection, and a variety of other side effects. It took over a week to get to a medical clinic, as the total lockdown was scaled back slightly, and I attended Kenepuru Hospital’s E.D. (this is located in satellite city called Porirua, just north of Wellington). There I was set up for an ECG of sorts to check my heart function, and analysis by a Dr Werner Pohl, who decided that I did not have myocarditis. He then refused to listen to any other aspects of my side effects, let alone report any of them, including the peripheral nerve damage in my feet, which has just been confirmed by someone else today. Anyway, Dr Pohl decided that the heart palpitations were a result of an anxiety attack, and so assumed it was a psychological issue. So that is what you get when presenting with a vaccine reaction, even if it includes mild heart issues and possible symptoms of myocarditis, the doctors want to deny it.

But back to Newshub, and the irony in them doing a story about someone dying from taking the Pfizer vaccine. Prior to this they ignored any suggestion of this, and any evidence that it might have occurred was dismissed as a conspiracy theory. In one such example, someone who claimed to be a journalist tried to put the evidence to the Prime Minister, and Newshub voiced over the footage labelling the man as a ‘heckler’ and a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I happen to be taking that example before the broadcasting tribunal here, called the Broadcasting Standards Authority, despite the fact they have already ruled out such cases because Covid vaccines are not a matter of controversy. This is based on the ‘fact’ that the experts agree that all the vaccines are safe and effective; that is until Delta and Omicron variations came along, and now it seems that a booster dose magically creates immunity again. So Newshub continue to parade the leading epidemiologists, and academic experts, telling us what needs to be done to keep out the new Covid variant. Thus, Newshub screened another story tonight featuring our old friend Michael Baker, the leading persecutor of the ‘unvaccinated’, who stated that vaccine mandate should be applied systematically to the entire workforce. This was in a story about how the firing of unvaccinated workers is creating labour shortages. Surely trying to force the hold-outs to take the experimental Pfizer drug will lead to more dismissals, if not result in the deaths of fit young men.

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