When are we over the Covid misinformation and obfuscation by the so-called experts

Why do so-called health experts like Dr Celine Gounder have to give false reassurances about the safety of Pfizer vaccines, which they know are not properly tested before being officially recommended for use

Since deciding not to renew the blog again I found that the domain name, which WordPress have a separate bill for, has auto-renewed. So I have had to give it another year, and the early posts are still being read so maybe it is still useful. I’d like not to have to write about Covid, but since governments and the news media are mostly not bothered about it anymore someone has to continue to focus on the official misinformation.

There was some progress on this front in New Zealand recently. But before that I have to comment on Celine Gounder, and the international media. Dr Gounder is one of the so-called experts in America who is a vaccine evangelist, and appears on CNN. Sometimes I think that CNN America forgets that it has a larger international audience who aren’t as gullible as Americans. Gounder was asked about the new generation of the Covid ‘vaccine’, which is specifically designed to combat the Omicron variant. Unusually she was asked by the CNN ‘anchor’ about its safety, since Pfizer and Moderna don’t seem to have to do any extra testing to get official approval. Gounder said it was “very safe”, without any evidence, as well as stating that the new vaccine is basically the same as the other mRNA types, just with a new ‘spike’.

I don’t follow much of the American news coverage, given that experts like Gounder and Dr Gupta spin statistics to try and make the old vaccines seem to be effective against Omicron, when they are obviously outdated, and don’t provide immunity. Even if the new vaccine was more effective against Omicron this doesn’t change the safety issue. Since the Pfizer drug is being used in New Zealand, and we know that it has caused serious diseases like Myocarditis, we have to presume that this has also happened in the USA. Maybe they do not record this evidence, or try to fudge it like New Zealand officials do, at least until Fox News decided to question Dr Fauci & co. But the vaccine is not “very safe” when even a few people have died after the first injection, and some after subsequent doses.

Now, the overseas experts seem to agree on the mantra, that the Covid vaccines do not prevent ‘mild’ disease, but are more effective in preventing ‘severe’ disease and death. Statistics from New Zealand show that many older people who have been ‘boosted’ have still got severe disease and died. But the use of the euphemism about mild disease is some kind of admission that the vaccines do not provide immunity – and on that basis should not have been called vaccines in the first place. However, in New Zealand officials and academic experts never admit that the vaccines don’t provide immunity, they use a euphemism ‘best protection’ to describe how they think the vaccine works. As I said, many older New Zealanders thought they had the ‘best protection’ available, and are now in their graves. Yet most of the media in New Zealand, especially the State-owned entities, never report Covid statistics and deaths now.

However, the media still run the official advertisements promoting the vaccines as the best protection for the individual, and their relatives, and have suggested that this involves immunity. I have previously referred to the print media advertisements, where parents are extolled to get their infant children ‘immunised’ with the Pfizer drug, and suggest that they will get lifelong immunity; whereas adults have to get injected 4 times a year to maintain their apparent immunity. It seems that some other people have found the claim of lifelong immunity for children to be false, and have complained to something called the Advertising Standard Authority. These complaints have been upheld, which is unusual, because up till now all complaints to official bodies have been stonewalled, out of deference to experts. So it is a small win against the misinformation put out by official advertisements. But there is still the larger question: if the vaccines are not recognised as providing immunity, why are they called vaccines.

The other official intervention has come from the Coroner investigating the death of Rory Nairn, a young man from Dunedin who was about to get married last year. As stated previously, he died from Myocarditis after being injected the first time with the Pfizer drug Comirnaty. The officials committee on vaccine safety stated that the death was ‘likely’ caused by the vaccine, and this was fudged by then then director-general of health. But the Coroner has accepted that the Pfizer drug was the cause, and has been holding a hearing with witnesses giving evidence, which the supplicants in the national media have decided to cover. Of course their reports are heavily qualified by statements that Myocarditis is still extremely rare, most victims recover, and there have only been 3 deaths from it in New Zealand.

In fact, the health department officials have never said there have been 3 deaths, because they don’t do causation, and spend their time on reported deaths which could have had another cause. Rory Nairn is the only person who has ever been identified as a victim, and which the media have covered. The narrow issue that emerged from this was about whether a warning should be given specifically about Myocarditis. The unfortunate pharmacy assistant who administered the injection, and their employer, were put on the spot in the witness stand. This individualised a problem without the policy context: no one being injected with the Pfizer drug was told about the risk of Myocarditis because every expert, politician, and GP, was saying it was safe. To provide a warning to everyone would mean there is a systematic safety issue. Of course there is a serious issue, the experts and officials know that the Pfizer drug causes Myocarditis, and other potentially fatal conditions, but they all say that it is safe when it isn’t.


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