It’s all over with Covid, bar the legal investigations

Immunologist Graham le Gros: when asked by a media outlet to respond to reports that the Coroner had found that Pfizer’s Comirnaty drug caused the death of a healthy young man, he confirmed that the drug was still ‘safe’

As of Tuesday last week New Zealand was given the ‘all clear’. Covid is apparently over; or, at least, the official response to it is. Dr Aysha Verrall stated that the mask mandate was gone totally, except in health care settings, and the vaccine mandates were about to go too. Even though the recalcitrant unvaccinated public servants would not be getting their jobs back, despite staff shortages everywhere.

Meantime, the Coroner has released her interim findings in the case of Rory Nairn, the young man from Dunedi who died in the weeks following his injection with Pfizer’s Comirnaty drug. So the Coroner has confirmed the findings of the specialist, who, after many tests, stated that Comirnaty had caused Myocarditis in Mr Nairn, and this had eventually killed him. These are interim findings, and the investigation into the safety warnings, or lack of them, are still to come. Even though the official policy framework for Covid managemnet has gone, the State is still pushing vaccination (without warnings).

And the news media felt obliged to report the Coroner’s findings, despite contradicting every other report on vaccination which reinforced the experts view, that it is completely safe and totally effective. Contradictions and oxymorons abound here, but most of the academic experts never comment on safety. Except for Professor Graham le Gros, who runs his own institute, and was approached for comment by public radio. Yet again he wanted to stress that the Pfizer drug was completely safe, except for when it wasn’t in an otherwise healthy person, Mr Nairn. Any normal person would surely have some doubts about safety when someone dies like this, but le Gros thinks there should be be a warning nonetheless.

This is despite all the experts, and the politicians, stating that there have been no safety issues at all. And anyone questioning the safety of a vaccine has been labelled an ‘anti-vaxxer or a conspiracy theorist by the media. Nor have the intrepid journalists bothered to investigate the 175 other deaths that have been reported to the Medsafe Committee, presumably by registered doctors. In the most recent report, which comes 2 months after 11 new deaths were referred to, there are another 6 as of the 31 August. Now the media always try to mitigate the impact of the death of Mr Nairn with statistics fed to them by officials. They say that the out of 100 000 vaccine doses, only 3 will result in myocarditis; and they say that there are only about 95 cases of myocarditis each year, and most are mild and treatable, apparently. But the most recent report states that there have been 944 cases of pericarditis/myocarditis; as well as 99 heart attacks apparently caused by Comirnaty. How many more deaths will there be by the end of the year?

And still the misinformation goes on and the contradictions remain. Dr Verrall says that we don’t need restrictions anymore because immunity is so high due to vaccination. If immunity is so high, why have half the population, or more, contracted the virus in the past 6 months? Oh, but we have re-defined what immunity means: so, sometimes it means immunity is created by the vaccine, but wanes quite quickly; and other times we meant that, while it does provide some immunity, it’s only enough to prevent serious disease happening. But why would it need less immunity to prevent serious disease, than to actually prevent contracting it in the first place. And why do we also need anti-virals to prevent serious disease?

And why did we have to pass legislation to ensure that people had to get a second ‘booster’ shot, without Pfizer having to provide evidence of its efficacy, let alone safety? At least they have made big profits so far, and they can now release a vaccine that is actually effective against Omicron. Maybe it provides the extra immunity that was lacking in the first 4 doses. At least Pfizer have been making a killing all along.

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