Does it matter who has created the ‘misinformation’, and where is the harm in publishing it?

Below is a graphic published above an article on the censure of a nurse for spreading Covid misinformation. The article, on the Stuff website, referred to comments made by the nurse which it did not repeat because of the harm it apparently might cause. What followed was a completely one-sided, unbalanced article, summarising the case for the prosecution, when the defendant was not even at the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal hearing on Monday 21 November. Or should I say Kangaroo Court. The caption on the graphic stated that she still had name suppression, but the article repeated her name a number of times, even though it had no by-line on it, which I claimed was an act of cowardice. Of course, the reason that the name suppression phrase was not changed isn’t because it was just a simple error, it also reflects the contempt with which the media treat any ‘anti-vaxxer’, especially a medical traitor.

I actually got a substantive reply from a manager at Stuff. Perhaps he thought I was making an official complaint, but there is no point in making complaints because the media in New Zealand aren’t required to show any kind of ‘balance’ any more, not where Covid vaccination is concerned, nor observe journalistic practice. Here is the first of the two relevant paragraphs in the manager’s response to me:

“Your assertion that Stuff’s decision not to repeat misinformation is a “joke”, is rejected. I’m comfortable with the editorial decision made on the grounds it represents responsible reporting, with clear public interest grounds. Your analogy of “even criminals who have been convicted get to have their defence reported” is flawed because criminals’ defences don’t stand to undermine a national health response and affect the wellbeing of the wider community, as repeating this sort of misinformation in this case could.”

My first point in response is: who says that the media have the ‘public interest’ in mind with regard to their reporting. If they believe that this nurse’s statement, made in June 2021, is so subversive that it has to be censored one can only call it a joke. More likely her concerns were vindicated, as it became clear by late 2021 that the Pfizer vaccine was causing serious heart disease. Stuff and other media confirmed as much when they reported the case of Rory Nairn, and the later coronial investigation into his death, which confirmed it was caused by myocarditis after his first injection with Comirnaty. It seemed to be in the public interest to report the Coroner’s interim finding, and suggest that warnings be made about the danger of the vaccination to all people. It was sheer hypocrisy of Stuff to publish it, but they did anyway because they knew other media would too. It is difficult to see how one nurse’s comments in 2021 could have done more damage, but she was obviously punished because of her influence in her community.

Here is the second paragraph,

“The other assertion you make in regard to there being no byline on the reporting is also rejected. For your background (and after two years), journalists continue to be subjected to unwarranted and completely unacceptable abuse, simply for covering Covid-19 in a factual and responsible manner. I’m committed to the safety and wellbeing of my colleagues and in some rare cases – where there is a strong likelihood a story could subject staff to further unacceptable abuse, simply for doing their job, a generic byline may be necessary. Again, I see this as responsible publishing, responsible management and I’m comfortable with it.”

What a shame that the media have been targeted, but he actually admitted in the first paragraph that his organisation puts their perception of support for the Covid vaccination before journalistic balance. So it is not factual reporting at all, and it is obviously biased. Most of the media are actually competing to be the biggest cheerleaders for vaccination, if not for Ardern as leader, and supported the most systematic discrimination and persecution of citizens we have ever seen. Having backed the Pfizer vaccination all the way, the media know to ignore inconvenient facts: such as the 177 cases referred by doctors where a death has been apparently caused by the Pfizer injection; and the death total climbing by over 2000 this year, with most of these victims being ‘fully vaccinated’ people who were boosted; and also despite the Ministry of Health changing the official criteria for a Covid death so as to reduce the overall total. The facts actually point to the total failure of the vaccine to provide immunity and prevent transmission.

Speaking of misinformation and hate speech directed at minorities, we also hear today that our old friend Michael Baker is to receive yet another award for saving so many lives during the ‘elimination strategy’ stage of the Covid pandemic. The New Zealand Herald report that Baker is tonight receiving the Royal Society Callaghan Medal for science communication. Described as a pandemic “evidence-broker”, lets actually look at some of Baker’s greatest hits when advocating for the Pfizer vaccine:

  1. He joined in the call for “No jab, no job”. Admittedly this was mainly attributable to Rod Jackson of Auckland University, who had the T-shirt to match, but Baker was an enthusiastic supporter.
  2. He stated on Newshub Nation that all employers should ensure that the unvaccinated be removed from their premises. This was shot on what looked like a cold morning in Brooklyn, a very chilling effect.
  3. Moving on to an afternoon stroll in Lyall Bay, Baker told Newshub News that all the unvaccinated should no longer be able to “participate in society”, and presumably lose their citizenship completely.
  4. Then on RNZ’s Midday Report he stated that “it’s now recognised that the unvaccinated should be removed from interior space.” Recognised by whom, and what exactly is ‘interior space’? The presenter, who is the fiancée of a Labour cabinet minister, did not seek clarity but obviously it would require force.
  5. Then Baker capped off 2021 by stating that the unvaccinated should be prevented from going to any Christmas parties, including with their own extended families. Strangely, he has not repeated this advice, according to the Herald article, and now just suggests getting tested beforehand, and having the new anti-viral tablets ready for after the parties. Oh and having yet another Comirnaty injection, as one of these times you could just get immunity, you never know if the fifth one just might do the trick.

The really interesting part of the article on Baker, however, was that he stated that he has actually given 5000 interviews on Covid 19, and published 40 articles. What a busy boy he’s been, he makes other academics look lazy, but then, they probably have to teach something to students. Baker obviously has a 7-day a week media outfit running from his home, though he doesn’t appear much in the international media anymore. Also interesting that the article also appears on the RNZ website, the public broadcaster which is not subject to the Official Information Act, or the Archives Act. Indeed, when I made an O.I.A. request, to see if they knew how often Baker had appeared on their programmes, they eventually claimed that they had no records of him ever appearing. When the Office of the Ombudmen became involved, upon my request as a citizen, they had to claim that they didn’t keep any records of who appears on their programmes. Just as well all that advocacy for persecuting the unvaccinated has been erased. We wouldn’t want anyone in the future to think that it might be hate speech or misinformation.

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