NZ Cyclists at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics

This is an archive photo originally published in an Auckland based newspaper called 8 O’Clock, and it was part of the New Zealand Press Association collection, which became the Fairfax Archives. The New Zealand road cycling team included: Laurie Byers, Arthur Candy, Dick Johnstone, Max Grace and Des Thomson. There is some confusion about the photo, and the personnel involved, but the official NZ Olympic website states that the team on the road was Byers, Candy, Johnstone and Thomson. The photo is apparently of a training run, and was published on 10 October 1964. But another note on the back suggests that it was taken on 21 October. In fact, I think it is actually a photo of the time trial race, which took place on 14 October, and the New Zealand team came in 18th place. The caption on the back suggests that the team are just passing the Russian team, but given that the Soviet cyclists finished in a much higher place than the Kiwis, I think that it might be the Columbian team. In any case, the military jeeps following the teams on the road contrast with the modern team cars and a much shorter race, although long team trial races have obviously been phased out, even in the World championships.