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Panama Papers: time to turn the stone

The database for the Panama Papers has been released and all the world can get to see the bad guys. And some good guys, like all the charities that had their name used without their consent. Here in New Zealand … Continue reading

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NZ PM lies about Cook Islands connection

The Panama Papers continue to cause confusion in New Zealand as the Prime Minister, John Key, comes under scrutiny for the first time. Yes, the first time. He has always supported the right wing agenda from the 1980s, to create … Continue reading

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The Claytons Tax Haven in New Zealand

It came as a surprise to most people here in New Zealand that a tax haven was being run by a few law firms out of Auckland. Who knew? Well the National Party and officials in the Inland Revenue Department … Continue reading

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More on printing money

The brief flirtation with the idea of printing money, or Q.E., continued last week in Parliament. The Prime Minister, John Key, was determined to make his point about hyperinflation when answering questions from the Greens. The questions were actually about … Continue reading

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